Monday, August 21, 2006


Again, I don't surf the blogs as much as I used to, but here is a link I have to bring you to. FCNow contributer Doug Sundheim's post The Gift of Risk.

QUESTION: When in life did you feel most alive?
ANSWER: When you step outside your comfort zone.

When you took a risk, when you pushed yourself only to find out that the end result was in itself very rewarding.

When you:

...made that Self-Introduction that led to a potential prospect, ...asked that girl out you're fond of and she said, "yes", ...went to the bank and inquired about that business loan for your start-up. Actually took that "Road-Trip" you've been wanting to do for sometime now.

Doug Sundheim points you to the fact that it's not what you achieved through risking, he takes it one trancendant step further to what you actually BECOME:

The gift of risk-taking doesn't lie in what you achieve by risking - it lies in who you become as a result of the process. Confident. Engaged. Alive. Furthermore, it isn't something you do once in a while - it's an approach to life. Open. Exploratory. Daring. You know it when you let it slip out of your life. You feel stagnant, lethargic, bored. Risks have no shelf life - yesterday's risks are today's ego trip. Today is new. RE ENGAGE. RE-RISK.

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