Thursday, November 10, 2011

REPOST: Retirement and Relationships

Retirement and Relationships

Well, I'm not sure if anyone really reads my rants, whether intellectual or not, I do tend to go on about anything. Anyway, ... I read a "Trend" Survey about Retirement. As you may or may not know, I am a Communications specialist at a very large Retirement Services firm. The most important worry in retirement is obviously, not enough money. The second, is maintaining health. I found this rather interesting. The third is losing social contacts within the workplace.

Just another reminder, it's the people who we meet that really matter in this world.

This will proabably be my last post for another 8 years. HAH!

Thank you Keith Ferrazzi for get me thinking about "Relationships" as usual.

REPOST: What if it IS?

I decided to make this relevant again, I haven't really been contributing much, but who knows.. this is a small step in the right direction. . . .

Nonsense, No More!

I decided to call this blog WHAT IF IT IS? because that question provides some sort of realization that there's hope. That It can be done, that IT can happen, that IT could exist. Out of context IT's open to alot of interpretation... and you know what? That's great. I hope there is, I WANT your mind to wonder past the horizon. Anyway . . I was inspired by my favorite show ever. IT's sad, but I'm obsessed - Six Feet Under.

In the 'Season Finale' of Season 4, one of the characters (David) is troubled and is really hurting, his deceased father (Nate Sr.) returns to him in sort of a reflective moment (This is a re-occuring theme w/in the series) and the following dialogue takes place . . .

Nate Sr.: You hang on to your pain like it means something. Like it's worth something.Well, let me tell you - it's not worth shit. Let it go!{Looks Up to the Sky} Infinite possibilities, and all he can do is whine.

David: Well, what am I supposed to do?

Nate Sr.: What do you think? You can do *anything* you lucky bastard - you're alive! What's a little pain compared to that?

David: It can't be that simple.

Nate Sr.: What if IT is?

And there IT is . . . . Feel free to comment on anything I write about... intellectual or What Not! What Not is probably "Funner" though . .