Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MBA + Reading = Insight??

I say this because, I don't know. I'm kind of a sceptic due to the fact that I've read several blogs on the "Personal MBA" I have to say... my first couple readings for my Business and Leadership class really has me thinking about the BIZ. I initially thought that this "Busy Work" I've been assigned would just be that ..."Busy", just things to keep my wheel spinning with nowhere to go.

But my first reading was on Scientfic Management and Frederick Taylor's obsession with efficiency. This story mirrors some the same tactics used by my same employer. Interersting.

Now, I'm reading about the Hawthorne's Experiments, this kind of tapped briefly into "informal relationships" and how it effects employees on a social context within the workplace.

It's kind of strange because awhile ago, I picked this article up from BusinessWeek for the Never Eat Alone Blog Site.