Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gen Y vs. Gen X vs. Baby Boomers

It's like an abstract game of Rock-Scissors-Paper, but I wouldn't want to say who beats who and in reality, it really is NOT a competition but rather a collaboration.

I'll admit I'm super interested in this subject, especially considering, I'm involved in this new evolution or rather "Revolution" of workers. But my imagination was frenzied today when a worker asked me to be in a Diversity Panel and I would represent the Male for the Gen Y Faction. I'm floored.

For those who don't know, for the first time in history we have all three of these generations engaging in the workplace, and it's causing for some serious culture shock. And I'm not just talking about iPods and text messaging, I mean the schemas of former generations of workers as they pertain to performance appraisals, expected attendance, dress code, and busywork all have been violated. Check this article out for a starter...

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